This information is about the percentage of profit that will go into the foundation and what that foundation will build and create. 

The promise of Mabel Brempong

10% of the profits and influence we generate yearly will be used to help create jobs by building  fashion training centers and factories in countries with high homelessness rates, starting from Ghana. These training centers will be used to train capable homeless young people in the art of making clothes. The factories will hire those who’re able to complete our training programs. They will be paid fair wages to ensure that they too are able to stand on their own two feet. This will, in return, prevent their future generations from having to experience the pains of homelessness.  I want to give the opportunity for a better education, a better life, and a better future that may seem impossible for the some, just as my parents opened their hearts, gave me a chance, and provided those things for me. Mabel Brempong aims to achieve this under the Mabel and Brempong Owusu-Antwi Foundation in honor of my parents, who for most of their lives gave freely to those in need and gave hope to those who’d none.


The status of this project will be updates on this page every year starting December, 2019.

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